*Titan Messer Thermal CNC Thermal Cutting System 300 Amp High Definition w/water table - capable of cutting 8" thick material, 10' x 40' plates, speeds up to 400 IPM, Plasma & Oxy/Fuel, marking system for part identification and for frame or drill locations in CAD/CAM Manufacturing.
L-Tech X1000 Portable Plasma Cutter
Petron - 75 Portable Plasma Cutter
L- Tech 32I Portable Plasma Cutter
2 EA. Thermal Dynamics Cut Master 100 w/ 20’ leads for 1" capacity torch
Thermal Dynamics 150XL Pak Master – Capacity to cut 1 ½" thick.

*400-ton Pacific Press Brake - capable of shaping and bending 13.5 ft. of 1/2" plate or 7 ft. of 3/4" plate.
CNC Ercolina Mac-030 Megabender- Pipe bending to 4 inch schedule 80
Carolina 30 Ton Press
Dake Hydraulic Press
Reed Plate Roller
Webb Plate Roller

*Cincinnati Shear - 10 ft. length – light gauge.
*Hyd-Mech V-18 Band Saw w/power adjustments- horizontal 18", vertical 20", 45degree left or right
*Marvel Series 8 Band Saw with power adjustments – horizontal 18", vertical 22" 45 & 60 degree tilt
Marvel Seriel 8 Band Saw- used for cutting beams and shapes
DoAll Band Saw – capable of cutting 12 in. stock
Wellsaw Band Saw - used for cutting patterns
DoAll Band Saw- used for sheetmetal work
DoAll Band Saw #v-36
DoAll Model TF20- Capable of cutting 20 in. pipe and steel
Rockwell Bandsaw Model 14
Rockwell Radial Arm Saw
Rockwell Table Saw
Comet Radial Arm Saw

150-ton Multi-station Iron Crafter - capable of shearing 1" x 12" flat bar, 5/8" x 8" x 8" angle iron,2" round bar, 2" square bar; Two Punch stations one for 1/2" plate and one for up to 1 9/16" plate; One Nibbling station for notching 3/8" plate
90-ton Piranha Iron Worker – shear plate to: 3/4" x 20.5", shear angles to 6x6x5/8", shear square and round stock to 2", punch 1 1/8" hole thru 1" plate, break to 90 tons, notches to 4 x 6 x 3/8".
2 ea. Polypac Iron Crafter- portable iron worker
Portable Peddinghaus 100-ton Beam Punch- used for punching or slotting large beams
Portable Peddinghaus 50-ton Beam Punch- used for punching or slotting large beams
Brooks Rota Punch
Hossfeld Bender Model No. 2

Cincinnati Radial Arm Drill Press – 6 ft. arm with 12 in column
Carlton Drill Press- 7 ft. arm with 19 in. diam. column
Edelstaal Drill Press
MAS Radial Arm Drill Press VR2 – 4 ft. arm with 9 in. column

*Farrel/Betts CNC Boring & Turning Lathe – 133" Swing, 106" Swing over cross slides, 900" between centers with all bed-ways, Chuck at 141", 200-ton capacity Unsupported, - Rebuilt & Retrofitted 2005
*Poreba Heavy Duty Lathe - 708" between centers, 63" swing in gap, dual carriages, Climax milling attachment w/ 8" quill for key ways & milling.
*Craven Lathe – 678" between centers Extendable, 87" swing over bed, excess of 100-ton capacity.
*Betts Engine Lathe – 1140" between centers, 58" swing, headstocks on both ends, two tailstocks, three carriages with long taper attachment, eight steady-rests, #B5359-1
*Bridgeport EZPATH IIIS CNC Automated Lathe - 120" between centers, 27"swing over bed, 8-station Turret for various tool holders
*Axleson Lathe-capable of shafting to 54 ft. between centers and 32 in. swing. Lathe has dual carriages.
*Axleson Gap Lathe – 32"/100" swing, 16 ft. between centers, 130" in gap.
*Poreba Lathe – 54"/68" swing, 37 ft. between centers.
Niles Lathe- capable of shafting to 30 ft. between centers and 39 in. swing.
Putman Lathe- capable of shafting to 36 in. swing, 40 ft. bed.
Monarch Lathe – 13 in. swing, 30 in. between centers; used for small parts
LeBlond Lathe – 16 in. swing, 6 ft. bed; used for small parts
Monarch Lathe – used for small parts
LeBlond Lathe – 8 in. chuck, 5 ft. bed; used for small parts
Summit Lathe – 19 in. chuck, 6 ft. bed; used for small parts
Summit Lathe – used for small parts
Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe Model 75 – 46 in. swing

*Gray Horizontal Boring Mill 60-ton capacity; 6" Spindle; 8’ x 18’ table; w/ x y z digital readouts
*Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Mill Type 350 w/ Digital Readouts - capable of large line boring, machining large vertical & horizontal surfaces, installing threaded bolt patterns, keyways ect. Machine has a 5 in. spindle with a 60 in. rotary table, Machine has in-place outrigger tracks for travel. 10 feet
Fryer MB-16 Vertical NC Mill with conversational control; Table capacity 1,950 lbs., Size 18" x 70"; Travel X: 60"/ Travel Y: 25" / Travel Z : 24" – Positioning accuracy: =/- .0002"
Bridgeport Milling Machine – used for milling of small parts
Jett Milling Machine –used for milling of small parts
Cincinnati Vertical Mill No. 2
Oliver Tool Grinder

Various Portable Boring Bar & Machining System- used for in-place line boring up to 48 in. diameter and 20 ft. length., Facing attachments, Climax Milling attachment system.
2 EA. Climax Drive-with over 15 various lengths and diameter boring bars. Various spreaders, spider gears, brackets and jig assemblies to install.
1 EA. Climax BB5000 Electric Boring Bar System – 1 ¼" and 2 ¼" Bars
1 EA. Easy-Laser Shaft Alignment Machine – used for the shaft alignment for the correction of the relative position of two machines that is connected such as a pump and motor.
1 EA. Milling System with Climax Mills-capable of milling or drilling 14’ x 12’ area in one set-up.
1 EA. Climax Flange Facer – FS-6000- capable of flanges from 14" to 60"
1 EA. David White LT8-300P Transit
1 EA. David White Site Level
1 EA. Hilti Model PD30 Laser Distance Measurements
1 EA. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Devise Model TT100
3 EA. Hogan Hole Hawg
2 EA. Milwaukee Annular Cutter

*2 Ea. Flow 40,000 PSI Husky Pump Surface Prep Systems – Used for high pressure blasting/washing.
Empire Blast Machine
One 8-man 40-ton Sandblast Machine
Three 6-man 32-ton Sandblast Machine w/ 22-ton silo hoppers
6 Ea. Grayco Paint Pumps

1 EA. Miller Deltaweld 650- used for shaft welding.
1 EA. Linde Mig Welder- used for shaft welding.
3 EA. Lincoln NA5-S Submerged Arc w/automatic flux recycler – used for shaft welding
1 EA. *Arc-1800 Pro Weld International Stud Welder – studs to 1 ¼ in. diameter
1 Set *Ransome Turning Rolls – capable of turning 20 ft. diameter with several idler roll systems.
2 EA. Aggressive 89Kva Heat Stress Machine – capable of 6 zones with chart recorder.
8 EA. Powcon portable single operator welder
11 EA. Miller II 8-Pack welding machine
3 EA. 1500 AMP. Rectifiers for powering grid units
32 EA. Single operator grid units
5 EA. Lincoln DC- 1000 Power Sources
6 EA. Lincoln DC-600 Power Sources
14 EA. Lincoln DC-400 Power Sources
3 EA. Miller CP-300 Power Source w/ Spoolmatic mig guns
2 EA. Miller 400 Power Source w/ Spoolmatic mig gun
1 EA. Thermal Arc Power Master 320SP w/cobramatic gun
1 EA. Lincoln Power Wave C300 w/ 25’ Python plus gun
2 EA. Tig Machines Miller Syncrowave 300
1 EA. Sub Arc Wire Feeder hand held coupled with Delta Weld 650 Power
4 EA. Phoenix rod ovens plus portables
4 EA. Oxweld Mig Wire Feeders
46 EA. Lincoln LN-25 Wire Feeders
2 EA. Automatic Stiffener Welder – Bug-O/Lincoln LN-7 Dual Feeder – continuous or skip welds.
*5 EA. Lincoln LT-7 Submerged Arc Tractors with Power Sources – automatic submerged arc
*4 EA. Bug-O Welding Systems w/dual torches –
2 EA. Lincoln SAE 400 Diesel Powered Welding Generators on wheels
1 EA. Miller Big Blue 400 Diesel Powered Welding Generators on wheels
44 EA. Lincoln Multi-welds & Power source to feed grid.

1 EA. 80-ton GroveTruck Crane
2 EA. 60-ton Linkbelt R/T Crane
1 EA. 230-ton Mantiwoc Crawler Crane
I EA. 28-ton Grove R/T Crane
1 EA. 18-ton Linkbelt R/T Crane
2 EA. 20-ton P&H R/T Cranes
22 EA. Cranes of various types – 50-ton to 2-ton – "Bridge, Tower, Gantry & Jib Types"
6 EA. Forklifts up to 9-ton
1 EA. 10,000# JLG Extend Boom Forklift
1 EA. Bucket Loaders - 1 Excavator - 1 New Holland Skid Loader
6 EA. Pneumatic Air Lift Systems 59 feet – up to 234-tons capacity
4 EA. Pneumatic Air Lift Systems 30 feet – up to 200-tons capacity
1 EA. Ford Dump Truck
1 EA. 20 ft. Mobile Shop Trailer – set up with shop equipment
2 EA. Semi-Tractor for Trailers
9 EA. Flatbeds – aluminum and steel – stretch trailers up to 80’, low-boy trailers to 50-ton.
20 EA. Pickups and Vans
NEW IN 2010 – 1,000 MT Marine Travelift – Capable of lifting 1,000 ton mobile unit.

Ultrasonic Equipment – Krautkramer DMS 2 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Krautkramer Branson USN 52 Flaw Detector
Krautkramer Branson USK 7S Flaw Detector
Magnetic Particle - Parker Contour Probe (2 ea.)
Liquid Penetrant Magnaflux Spotcheck ( Water washable & Solvent removable)

Four Station Hydro Test Station – used for testing of large valves